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NEW CD - Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year album was inspired by a book of the same title.

Authored by Chris Crowley and by the resulting good health of the tunes composer.

The book teaches us how to stay fit, by doing aerobics 45min a day, lifting weights, Stretching and eating a Mediterranean diet. Each year you feel better than before. Also Daniel Silverstein my first grandson a budding pianist reminded me of my youth which made me feel younger each year. The present 13 original songs now make 61 songs written and published. Each song was inspired by some event in my life. ‘Roaring Fork”, and “Our little secret” came after buying a condo on the Roaring Fork river in Aspen, Colorado.  Both tunes were written while sitting and listening to the river. Million-dollar Dog was written for Zorro our 7-year-old amazing Australian blue healer.  Magic Sam came after Sam Green our realtor got us our place, which was under contract with another person. Helix 49'r is the 49th song written, a minor blues written when we became partners in business with Helix. You Made Me Cry was inspired by my 40th neurotology fellow who once said I made her cry. "Doc five more" came about and was written in 4/5 time because the composer was able to lift weights 5 reps more than required by his trainers. Waltz for Mike was written for a attorney friend who seemed to make the stock market go up and down. “Friends” was written for all my friends. “Love in My Heart” and “Feelings” was written after I heard Bill Evans play “Why Did I Choose You”. You can use our imagination for the tune “You Can’t be Real”. 

 Thanks to the wonderful playing on all the tunes by Jeff Rupert sax, Marty Morel drums, Larue Nicholson guitar, and Mike Ross bass.

My heart felt thanks to my many Teachers and coaches, including Mark Lawson, Michael Royal, Mike Markavarich and RichardDrexler. Thanks to Richard Drexler who helped produce and organize the CD, Younger Next Year. Thanks to Beth my wife who has encouraged me though the years and booked me into many gigs and acted as a roady for many gigs. Thanks to my grandsons Michael and Daniel Silverstein for giving me pleasure see them growing up as nice talented boys. Daniel is playing some of my tunes. And he performed Monday Morning in a recital when he was 9 years old. 

The Ear Research Foundation has benefited financially through the years from my music endeavors.

I thank all of you who have donated to help our children's hearing program and research projects. 


Lend an ear!, September 27, 2015
By Grady Harp

Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reveiwer, Vine Voice
This review is from: Younger Next Year (Audio CD)

Herb Silverstein is not only a jazz musician and composer, he also happens to be a founder and president of the Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation in Sarasota, Florida: he is an otolarygologist! While continuing his surgical duties he makes room for his passion for jazz.
As the album notes explain, “Younger Next Year" features 13 original jazz tunes written by Silverstein. Once again Herb is joined by superb international jazz artists: swinging saxophonist Jeff Rupert (Maynard Ferguson, Kevin Mahogany), the great drummer Marty Morell (Bill Evans, Kenny Drew, Jr.), the incredible talent of guitarist Larue Nickelson, and the big booming sound from bassist Mike Ross. This album features lovely ballads, energetic tunes and thoughtful passages throughout. At the center, the composer, Herb deftly plays the piano. You'll listen again and again to this terrific combo playing catchy tunes with fantastic performances. Enjoy getting Younger Next Year! All proceeds from his CDs go to the internationally acclaimed Ear Research Foundation of Sarasota, Florida.

The ensemble is Herb Sillverstein, piano, Jeff Rupert, tenor sax, Marty Morell, drums, LaRue Nickelson, guitar, and Michael Ross Bass.


Herb Silverstein is a Medical Doctor. A renowned ear surgeon, inventor and philanthropist. Founder of the Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation. Avid snow skier. Athlete. Jazz Artist.

In the early 1980s,one of Herb’s sons introduced him to a recording of Chick Corea. This began a long love affair with jazz music. Herb began learning jazz piano and playing this music with friends and colleagues… and in 1985, he began writing songs. His keen and analytical mind grasped the chord changes and patterns necessary to make music, but his creative heart and soul carried that knowledge to create some remarkable and beautiful and memorable melodies.

He has recorded with jazz greats such as Bob Berg, Marty Morell, Danny Gottleib, Richard Drexler, Jack Wilkins, LaRue Nickelson, Jeff Rupert, and many others.

He and his wife of over 27 years live in Sarasota, FL where he is founder and director of The Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation. Herb continues in his surgical work, research and travels extensively to lecture on new techniques to combat hearing loss, dizziness and Hyperacusis.

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